How can we take the SourceBook to the next level?

After producing the first SourceBook the big question that we had was how can we take the SourceBook to the next level? Oliver Brown, owner and creator of the Senior SourceBook, already decided to expand each section opener to a lush full spread. We added more photos, more information, unique illustrations, and created a new, more sophisticated, color palette.

What the heck is a Lagniappe?! 

I was stumped when the client called and said we need a lagniappe (Pronounced something like Lan-Yap). Though I was unfamiliar with the term, Verse2Creative is uniquely able to provide lagniappes as it turns out! The term, a South American Spanish based phrase, means to give a little something extra to delight a customer. The free after-dinner mint, or piece of sample fudge, a little something different simply to add delight! In an effort to surprise and delight the SourceBook readers, we employed the use of custom illustrations created by Lorraine Imwold Art! You can view these custom illustrations and hand painted watercolor design on pages 163 -170. We are incredibly proud and delighted to deliver on such a fun “lagniappe”.

Project Responsibilities

This 172 page magazine was a live project for the Senior SourceBook. My responsibilities included creative direction, project management, client management, and at least 75% of the pages in this magazine I designed. In pages 163 -170 I created the custom watercolored backgrounds and compiled the art work with the water colors to create a completely unique look.

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